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U.S. Unemployment Claims

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Application process

(1) Determine eligibility

Contact us by phone or WeChat for a preliminary review to determine whether you are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits. It usually takes a few minutes.

(2) Submit information Online payment

Through our website, submit information online, please confirm that the submission is complete.Payment support payPal, Bank of America

(3) Shimito submit your application

A professional will help you submit your unemployment claim and you will be notified when the application is successful. And to guide you to apply for the need to operate, is very important!

Applying for unemployment benefits

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  • Pass rate of more than 95%!
  • Help you file an unemployment claim
  • Pass as fast as 48 hours after submission

No refund

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  • Help you file an unemployment claim
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Applying for unemployment benefits

Approved as soon as 24 hours after submission
95% success rate!

To learn more about the benefits program, please contact us to help you with your application!

"Unemployment insurance claims under the influence of new crown pneumonia"

Applying for unemployment benefits

Please pay attention.

If your job is affected by the new corona pneumonia, you take unpaid leave, or if your working hours are reduced, you can apply for unemployment insurance immediately.

As a result of the new coronary pneumonia, $260 billion of the $2 trillion in u.S. emergency relief programs will be spent on unemployment benefits, including the following:

  • The scope of unemployment benefits has been extended to contract and temporary workers;
  • 13 weeks longer collection time;
  • The weekly unemployment insurance is $600 in non-subsidy.

At the same time, the Federal Federation of Unemployment Insurance benefits allows states to pay unemployment insurance benefits for:

  • the employer temporarily suspended due to the new crown pneumonia and prevented the employee from coming to work;
  • isolated due to new coronary pneumonia and returned to work after isolation;
  • Employees are at risk of infection due to the need to take care of family members, or because of exposure.

Unemployment benefit

Unemployment Insurance in the United States is a different standard for each state, according to federal policy. Please start applying as soon as you lose your job!


After a period of time, most states require half a year or more.
Unemployment is not the result of personal negligence (e.g. employee dismissal for violation). Usually if a company closes down, the situation of layoff can be applied for.
If the working hours are reduced, you can also apply for a claim.
He is healthy, capable and willing to continue to look for work.
Collection limit time:

About 26 weeks, depending on the state’s requirements, the length of time varies. Effective from Sunday of the filing week.

Collection amount:

Depending on the maximum salary per quarter for work, the rules vary from state to state.

Applying for unemployment benefits

All you need to do is provide some basic information and a professional will help you submit your unemployment claim.

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